Short Review of 'The Syntellect Hypothesis' by Alex M.Vikoulov


Everything is information. Information equals reality. We are bound to develop a Syntellect i.e. a super-evolutionary experiential intelligence by an expanding awareness of the interconnection and interdependence of a shared consciousness of which we were not all yet aware. Perhaps this is what Alex M.Vikoulov tell us? I like his visionary ideas on the past, present and future of human kind inside of a conscious universe. It makes sense that reality is created by human subjective observation and that in fact our subjective and objective reality does not yet exist before we observe it. Reality is therefore based on a shared, universal conscience which can’t be held by observation alone and comes in the form of qubits that are intrinsic parts of elementary particles. Our brain functioning is supplied by a collective, inexhaustible source of information and a subpart of universal consciousness. Information gives energy and matter its functionalities. Information is therefore fundamental to our perceived and experienced reality. I really liked this book although at times the author shows his passionate connection in a somewhat repetitive manner, but only, in my view, to emphasize the importance of his vision about the future, the history and the ride of life for all living systems. My own research on information theory gave me, with the help of physicists and cyberneticians also mentioned in this book, the insight that information can’t be divorced from our real world. An information deficit means that a living system destabilizes into entropy or disorder and that re-stabilization can be achieved by adding information, so information is a form of energy that works and thus can be measured. This is confirmed by cybernetics that teaches us that a goal in only achievable by using all information in the form of feedback, so the system can keep learning by constantly adding information about its journey towards that goal. This is an incredible powerful tool or method to stabilize all life, all organisations, all anthropogenic creations. If they are causing entropy, all we have to do is to seek and supply that information that stops this disorder from occurring. I claim that the motivated suppression of information by those who believe to profit from that disturbance, causes all crises on earth and stand in the way of happiness.

That is why I really enjoyed this book because Alex and my own mind are connected beyond physicality and thus sharing access to the same sources through this universal consciousness. We both tapped into this perpetual source of wisdom that was, is and always will be there for us to explore. The book is an in depth journey through time and the epistemology of reality and offers us an elegant solution to solve all societal problems by the use of information. If we want to create a sustainable sustenance for every living system, i.e. flora and fauna, all we have to do is use negative, corrective feedback in the right balance with positive feedback. Perhaps we will reach a Syntellect society by blending human consciousness with artificial intelligence helped by an interconnected and interdependent Noosphere towards a Theogenesis of man, a rebirth of the internal God in man, which was by the way what the Gnostics predicted thousands of years ago, because they knew it is always about ‘Gnosis’ translated in ‘Knowledge’. Knowing yourself is knowing God. The book spells the end of materialism, reductionism, physicalism, empiricism and takes you on a ride through and towards endless anthropogenic potentiality of creativity and evolution. A gem indeed. For this short review I could only choose one line from the book of the many significant ones on understanding how consciousness and our brain work: ‘Neural networks. Quantum computation inside our brain is beyond classical physics, it’s in the realm of quantum mechanics and information theory. Our brain is not a stand-alone information processing organ; it functions as a central unit of our integral nervous system with recurrent feedback with the entire organism and the cosmos at large.' Thank you Alex!!


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