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The nine planetary boundaries & Realimiteit

On our website, we talk about systems that can only maintain stability and sustainability when they operate within natural boundaries of functionality. Here is a listing of nine planetary boundaries suggested by the Stockholm University Resiliance Centre we already crossed. Yesterday the US President decided to ignore the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement. This will inevitably lead to non-linear effects beyond anyone's control and will end in entropy. This can be predicted by our Realimiteit Principle. We are in for a rough ride.... The nine planetary boundaries Stratospheric ozone depletion The stratospheric ozone layer in the atmosphere filters out ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. If this layer decreases, increasing amounts of UV radiation will reach ground level. This can cause a higher incidence of skin cancer in humans as well as damage to terrestrial and marine biological systems. The appearance of the Antarctic ozone hole was proof that increased concentrations of