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Silencing Free Speech. Stifling Julian Assange

Julian Assange ’ access to the internet has been cut off. ‘ They ’ don ’ t want to hear what he is saying and certainly don ’ t want the general public to be informed about ulteriorly motivated ends of ‘ them ’ . The truth being shared by Wikileaks is not welcome to those whose agenda is secret, because the outcome is not intended to benefit everyone, but only a few. Politicians in cahoots with big business and financial institutions do not want to listen to people like Julian because the information he offers the common public jeopardizes their negatively interdependent goals. The British Government, supported by several European Community members such as The Netherlands, accused the Russian Government of poisoning a retired spy. The lies and coverups are so obvious but they should be understood as abusive arrogance on the side of the governing classes, who know that they can get away with them, because the peoples are unable to unify and move against them. This hubris is theref

Living or Dead Organisations

Living or Dead Organisations  This research was conducted by Creazene, Institute Towards Sustainability in Switzerland. Are organisations and living systems negatively interdependent (benefiting some at the costs of others i.e. environment, life, social cohesion, conflict, earthquakes, aquifer pollution, CO2, Methane emissions, etcetera) or positively interdependent (benefiting everyone and everything) as a sustainable circular system mimicking nature using recursive patterns? (Capra, Luisi, 2014) (Mandelbrot 1980). Will they be based on systems science? Without rebuilding, re-designing the current competitive linear economic model into a non-linear economic system based on relationships in equilibrium, a sustainable and durable future global governance system cannot be created. (Bateson, 1972), simply because a linear system cannot be sustained in a non-linear universe. Will the system be controllable by cybernetical steering? Every living sy