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How to prevent and manage risk while achieving sustainability?

TankTerminalTraining in cooperation with offer a new training program based on research about causality of Risk and Sustainability in the energy sector. It shows that 79% of risks can be contributed to human decision making. The other 21% of risks are caused by non human influence such as weather, floods, volcanoes, drought, earth quakes, etc. Once we understood this, says Arend van Campen, leader of the research team, we then looked at decision makers’ awareness, motivation and if they were able to understand their company or organisation as a living organism. Also an important question was if they were approaching Risk and Sustainability from a mechanistic or reductionist position or from deontological motivation, their duty.   This was needed, because rational, mechanistic thinking usually only understands and deals with linear causality (direct effect), but have sometimes difficulty to understand non linear causality (indirect and unpredictable effect). T