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Realimiteit; our reality consists of information for which we are responsible

  It took Einstein more than ten years to get his relativity theory recognised. Astronomers who put an end to the 'the earth is flat' idea were reviled and even burned at the stake. And what happened to Nikola Tesla's insights into inexhaustible energy? Every time new ideas are put forward to improve society, they are irrevocably blocked because they contradict generally accepted views. This basically means that 'uninterested' mankind always stands in the way of its own evolution because the average thinking capacity does not rise above the reptilian brain level due to fear of the unknown. We see this happening now in our society. Solutions that could end the current financial and corona crisis are denied and condemned as conspiracy or fake news by the majority. So this too is about 'information'. As can be demonstrated by physics, it is information that gives universal energy and matter its functionality. Information is an inseparable part of the fabric of

Realimiteit: onze realiteit bestaat uit informatie waar wij zelf verantwoordelijk voor zijn

Het kostte Einstein meer dan tien jaar om zijn relativiteit theorie erkend te krijgen. Astronomen die een einde aan het ‘de aarde is plat’ idee maakten werden verketterd en zelfs op de brandstapel verbrand. En wat is er gebeurd met de inzichten omtrent onuitputtelijke energie van Nikola Tesla? Steeds als er nieuwe ideeën worden geopperd ter verbetering van de samenleving, worden ze onherroepelijk tegengehouden omdat ze haaks staan op de algemene aanvaarde opvattingen. Dit betekent in principe dat de ‘ongeïnteresseerde’ mensheid haar eigen evolutie steeds in de weg staat omdat het gemiddelde denkvermogen door angst voor het onbekende niet hoger komt dan het reptielenbreinniveau. We zien dit nu gebeuren in onze maatschappij. Oplossingen die de huidige financiële- en coronacrisis versneld zouden kunnen beëindigen worden ontkend en als complot of ‘fake news’ veroordeeld door een meerderheid. Ook dit gaat dus over ‘informatie’. Zoals natuurkundig kan worden aangetoond is het informatie di

Corona Crisis, Nature Strikes Back, Coltan, Congo's Curse, Chapter 3

  Chapter 3 Memories Aldabi Alombong picked up the phone. ‘ Oui ,’ he said, ‘who is this?’ ‘It is your old mate Erik. How are you my brother? It‘s been a while. I only seem to deal with your subordinates now that you are the big boss.’ I had sounded a bit cynical but intended none. ‘Yes, I am good. And yes, quite a while. We used to deal directly, but now my agents and office staff do all the legwork.’ ‘But tell me, are you OK?’ ‘I am quite well. You know how it is here in conflict zone one. It is not getting any better, but worse. Great to hear your voice. What can I do for you?’ I told him that I was coming to town and wanted to set up a meeting or dinner with him. He agreed, and we set up a date, place and time. ‘Looking forward to seeing you again, old friend. We have to talk.’ ‘True, we should talk more, but since you’re in Geneva and only coming here occasionally, it is difficult to keep up the relationship. You know how it goes; out of sight, out of mind.’

Information or inevitable collapse; time to choose!

  We can demonstrate with scientific and historical certainty that man-made systems that do not communicate and are therefore based on partial information will always, but unfortunately only after significant damage, collapse because they do not learn. In many blogs and articles I have tried to explain that it is always about information. With sufficient information I can protect my life but with insufficient information I am in danger. I cannot explain it more simply. But what we are observing together now is that relevant information with which we can correct the disastrous political Corona policy is being deliberately denied and even suppressed. Now, in order not to complain that this is wrong or unfair, let me scientifically substantiate what is actually happening. As I demonstrated in my scientific article 'Information is Physical', the physical law 'information cannot be separated from physical reality' cannot be broken without creating 'entropy' or disord

Corona Crisis, Nature Strikes Back, Coltan Congo's Curse - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Old Friends Aldabi Alombong lived in Goma. His father was a border patrol officer and his mother stayed home to take care of the house and family. Lake Kivu was just a stone’s throw from their house. Life was hard but good. They had shelter, enough to eat and his dad was always bringing home so-called confiscated contraband, which meant that the family enjoyed quite a rich table daily. He and his two younger sisters were able to go to school. He felt he had been kind of lucky to live there and not in Lubumbashi or worse, Kinshasa. He was not too concerned with politics or business, his daily chores to help his dad, his mother and his sisters were enough. He played football quite excellently, so he trained hard every day hoping to become a professional football player someday. He dreamt of being noticed by some football scout who frequented Africa in search of fresh talent. He just knew that day was nearing; he was almost nineteen. An important game was coming up in a week

Corona Crisis, Nature Strikes Back, Coltan Congo's Curse - Chapter 1

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