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The Future of Leadership - Free Will

What we see now happening in a world that is being destroyed by people who are driven by non human values, is caused, not by genetics, not by pre-determined characters, not by religious or political ideology, but by choice and the free will. What is that Free Will? This is discussed by many philosophers and modern theoretical physicists who call it consciousness. Free will is choice. Choosing to destroy other people or our planet is driven by human choices based on pursuit of some kind of personal interest. If many people make the same choice or allow destructive choices being made, a negative momentum is created. Intentions can be wealth, possessions, a heaven on earth or utopic state, economic growth. They can be perhaps caused by personal disorders such as narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy or a violent temper. A good question is: are these so-called character flaws or psychiatrically determined disorders genetically inherited or learned? The answer can be found in a rhetorical