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Reality in 2019

When watching the news, reading the papers or listening to politicians we often can’t tell if what we read and hear is true or false. This is causing a dilemma for any organisation or person, because the principal goal of 1984’ ministry of information was to control it. What happens if one controls information with an intention of not sharing it, we can read in the news daily. In an earlier column I mentioned that information reduces uncertainty, but now, with the example of Russiagate in mind, we can no longer trust main stream media because information could be withheld or evaded out of some kind of ulterior motivation. This is not very good for businesses or human well-being. Information, energy and matter are the cornerstones of life, because if one of them is hidden or negated, a living system collapses. This is what I observe today. Living systems, people, animals, organisations are in great jeopardy of extinction because information is not able to be fed back into them, the

A new science; The Science of Reality

29.12.2018 - Amended October 15, 2019 Thoughts about the need to sustain life on earth, drew me to a conclusion: There is a need for a new science, a theory of everything; a science of reality. This science can measure and determine the difference between what is real and what is not. When we apply this science to what people do, we can easily conclude that what is unreal, cannot be sustained and generally is harmful. When we look at political processes, industrial products, societal governance or ‘war’ games, they usually are trying to exist beyond limits of reality and do so by force. They try to exist outside of reality because when we would measure their ‘realism’ we would soon find that they can only be pursued at the cost of…..(collateral damage such as people, environment, social cohesion). This makes them immediately unsustainable because they are harmful to something, someone, somewhere. This harmfulness is due to the (ab) use of resources (people, plants, ani