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The Principal Cause of Global Instability

Realimiteit Theory © – Realimity Principle © – Realimiteit © Lynn Margulis: ‘if it metabolizes it is alive, if it not metabolizes it is not.’ 1.      We have to take into account that there is a natural limitation for the realisation of goals. 2.      Desired realities or goals can be achieved and be sustainable only if they remain within natural boundaries of functionality which are dependent on cognition, i.e. interaction with environment by a continuous exchange of information. Life or living systems (Capra, Bateson) depend on the criteria needed for survival; for example health: a non-polluted environment, social safety, biological and ecological balance. According to Maturana and Varela’s Santiago Theory of Cognition, life is autopoietic; this means it creates, maintains and sustains itself through communication (cognition) with the environment. The sustenance of life therefore depends on the availability of creative conditions. Life that encounters ‘destructive’ condit