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SYSTEMETHICS Everything, including me and you, are connected and interdependent

We have to start to think in Relationships, an inescapable new paradigm Good Will or Ethics is the relational condition for the sustenance of Human and Non-Human Life Why wisdom, science and human inner knowing are ignored. Carl Gustav Jung wrote: ‘how difficult it is to be simple’. Despite numerous publications, books, video’s, key note speeches covering thousands of years of insight and knowledge, scientists, philosophers, ethicists, system thinkers or others concerned with life on earth are being ignored by those who would be motivated to do so. Economics and financial control have become principal goals supported by governments that can never be balanced with our earth systems. Possessions, i.e. things such as houses, gems or companies that human beings have found on this earth or were created, have become more important than people. People are killed to protect such possessions. Hospitals are attacked because collateral damage has become an acceptable term. Destruct