Business Discrimination


There is a test app that you have to use in order to gain access, travel or work somewhere. There are many advocates of vaccination, but I doubt that their motivation for getting a jab is valid. After all, many say they do it to regain their freedom or to be able to go on holiday again. It seems to me that this is not a well-considered decision, because it is not based on the maximum amount of information available about side effects. It seems to me to be based more on the so-called 'confirmation bias', which means that only information that confirms a bias is sought and accepted, while all information that contradicts it is ignored. This is not just dangerous, it is perilous. And that is why I declare that this is the Crime of the Twenty-First Century. As you know I run a training company and work with clients all over the world. As I am writing this I am in Namibia to professionally upgrade to Marine Storage Terminals. Months of negotiations, the need to obtain a business visa, investment in airline tickets, hotel and car rental reservations that had to be pre-paid were all jeopardized by the demand for a negative PCR test allowing me to travel. Okay, I was able to go, but before I can go back that whole circus starts again. Also here I need to be tested to prove to an airline, local authorities, the immigration and health authorities in my home country Switzerland, if I am healthy, because I am now considered to be a threat to public health. This is not only limiting the ability to conduct future international training, but also demotivating to travel at all. This disturbing uncertainty is damaging all business people whose business and income are dependent on their international networks and their ability to work on location. Perhaps you tell me; ‘just get vaccinated, so you can travel again,’ but remember that I am a business ethicist, thus to prove you are healthy first is highly unethical.  Wake up my dear colleagues, our constitutional freedom to do business as we see fit has been taken away. That decision is not based on reliable scientific data, but on politicized suspicion, funded by big Pharma and other corporations that benefit. And what about the airline industry, hotels, tourism, consultants, engineers, technicians, contractors? Will their businesses survive if these draconian restrictions are not lifted soon? If you feel that your freedom of doing your job is stolen from you and you do not want to get vaccinated, please contact me? We have to make a stand and we can only do that together. I created a Peoples Lobby Movement called the Human Well Being Fund to defend our human rights for freedom, wellbeing and dignity. A vaccine passport is just the beginning of an totalitarian surveillance state which will not be beneficial to you or me, but only to those businesses that will profit. Time to shout, because this is called discrimination and it is wrong!


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