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Negative Interdepence versus Positive Interdependence.

Here is a listing of some negative interdependent industries, organisations, corporations, political ideologies. I will also add the non-linear effects (beyond control). Let me first start by explaining what negative interdependence means and compare it with the opposite which is 'positive interdependence’. Positive interdependent?   All stakeholders will benefit. Negative interdependent? Only some stakeholders benefit because others (people, society, environment, flora, fauna, etc.) will or cannot. It becomes quite easy to understand which organisation, services or products are negatively interdependent and which ones are not but luckily the number of sustainable ones is growing fast. Let's start with the First Cause Principle: the financial industry, which in fact is causing organisations, people, industries, political processes to act with in mind the intention of financial gain. The intention to make money has become prioritised and leads to ignoring in

Realimiteit Theory or Realimiteit Principle

Realimity Theory – Realimity Principle – Realimiteit Lynn Margulis: ‘ if it metabolizes it is alive, if it not metabolizes it is not. ’ We have to take into account that there is a natural limitation for the realisation of goals.  Desired realities or goals can be achieved and only be sustainable within natural boundaries of functionality which are dependent on cognition, i.e. interaction with environment by a continuous exchange of information. Life or living systems (Capra, Bateson) depend on the criteria needed for survival; for example health: a non polluted environment, social safety, biological and ecological balance. According to Maturana and Varela ’ s Santiago Theory of Cognition, life is autopoietic; this means it creates, maintains and sustains itself through communication (cognition) with environment. The sustenance of life therefore depends on the availability of creative conditions. Life that encounters ‘ destructive ’ conditions will perish as it cannot