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Value of Love

'The weather is good and I love to sit on a couch with you, watching the sun go down and I found a letter in an old forgotten book of which I don't remember what I read, but that does not matter because we are here and I look at the sun and I am looking at you, thinking all is alright. But sunsets change into dawns, and dawns form again into dusks and the sun will go down and up again with or without us all...' I m trying to remember the words, but the hand written letters are dancing in the haziness of the evening, so I keep looking at you and that is enough to finally understand.'

Organisations such as governments are Living Systems: Will they survive or die?

You and I, the production of chemical compounds, political parties, the police, government, the hospital, an oil company and retirement home, the TV network, a newspaper, and many other organisations are in fact; ‘ living systems ’ and as the famous German sociologist Niklas Luhmann called them; ‘ Social Systems of Communication ’ . A human body, an animal body, a plant, a flower, a tree, an insect, a fish, a mammal, an ape, a crocodile, a heap of earth, a mole hill, the oceans, a butterfly, a salamander; the too are ‘ living systems and social systems of communication ’ . It is because these living systems communicate all the time with everything that surrounds them and within themselves, they are able to stay alive. These living systems are all equipped with the ability to learn from cognitive interaction with their internal and external environment, (Exchange of information) which we call ‘ learning ’ . They can survive because the stay within the borders of natural functional