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Climate Change Conference- An alternative energy 'Creazene'

The 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris just ended. We have an agreement everyone says. We will finally join hands to save the planet. The agreement is legally binding. But are other agreements in trade, commerce, economy or the environment that are also bound by law not being ignored or broken by those who benefit from non adherence? Are energy companies paying their fair share of social costs for exploration, transportation or distribution when they pollute the air, soil or sea? And are bankers paying social costs when they evict people from their homes, when they lose their jobs because of economic cutbacks? And what about massive unemployment? What on earth are we going to do with all these peoples? What do we have to do about millions of refugees that roam the earth without a compass? How are we going to save this earth, this planet, its natural beauty or ourselves as humanity from self destruction? Immanuel Kant wrote many years ago in 1 788, ‘no mode of

Systemethics, an introduction : Our world is an interpretation of our mind’s projection.

Systemethics, an introduction : Our world is an interpretation of our mind’s projection. When we read a newspaper, watch the six o clock news or observe our common world, we cannot help but notice that everything seems separated from everything else. We look at a white man as a white man and at a black woman as a black woman or we see the car we are driving in or the bus we are riding on as machines that have nothing to do with each other. The bus, the car and those people are separate entities, things perhaps or machines that have only in common that they are means of transport and these people are being transported. We may conclude that transport is the only connecting variable, nothing else. But if that is true, are the bus, the car and two people of a different skin colour truly separated? This essay says no. They are very much related and connected. We can’t see it with our own eyes, but we do know that from within. The word transport connects the people with means of movem