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The Complexity of Energy Transition

When we look at the Energy Transition that is underway, we need a systems view on its complex, interconnected and interdependent relationships to understand it and then we can find useful processes to achieve it within a limited time. This picture may help you to understand these systemic relationships. Of course only by using our moral compass we can reach these goals. If money, control or geopolitical interests prevail, we will not be able to bring back universal balance. We already are at a tipping point.

Global Business Ethics Forum - Business Ethics Weekly

I have changed the name of this blog into BusinessEthicsWeekly. The idea is to use this blog to publish unethical business practices in order to learn from them. Yesterday the UNHCR published a staggering number of 65 million refugees roaming on our planet. It is quite simple: they are victims of unethical and inhuman decision making. We are facing Climate Change and need solutions on Energy Transition. There are many conflicts about religion, resource wars or suppresion of race or gender and many people are losing their jobs. Let's do something about that. Post your comments, observations or experiences here.