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Everything created, everything written, everything built, everything thought, everything imagined, felt, seen or experienced was done and determined by you and me, as human beings, using their human mind, human ability and human consciousness. A company, a religion, a political ideology or party; they are manifestations of human thought and are ideas. An oil refinery or car manufacturing plant will not produce without people. Ideas, or thoughts, have become more important than those who are thinking, i.e. you and me. Leaders claim to have found an answer somewhere in the future as long as we believe and follow the doctrine of an ideal world. Not now, not today, but soon..... So they plan a grand scheme as an ultimate goal and regard human beings as the means to that end. Collateral damage (human beings killed, the environment polluted) is accepted. This is wrong. The biggest mistake human beings make however, is that what we created in the physical world, became more important th