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Workshop Social Responsibility & Compliance for Traders, Geneva Oct. 15, 2015 'A Systems View on Trading'

The workshop will offer a way out for commodity traders, NGO's, The Swiss Authorities and everyone else involved in or connected with Commodity Trading. The issue of reputation risk, social costs of trading, human rights and the way to a more sustainable method of balanced trading will be discussed under supervision of experts on CSR, Business Ethics and Sustainability. The date planned is. October 15, 2015 in Geneva. By using all the sciences and common sense, a new and balanced method of transparent trading will be introduced, reducing the risks involved for the traders, the government of Switzerland and concerned NGO's, The method offers a way to Re-Humanize the business without jeopardizing economic expectations. This 'Systems View on Trading' is a significant step forward to create a trading hub that would be free of ever more demand for compliance. This 'freedom' is needed to allow the limitless human imagination and creativity to re-emerge. The

Human Choice: Would you act unethically when you are alone on a deserted island?

Human Factors in HSE & CSR By Arend van Campen, from his book; ‘Safety of Ethics’; which was nominated for the Energy Institute Award on Safety 2014. Astronomer and well known scientist Carl Sagan spoke of the fact that we all live on earth, the only place we know where life is possible; ‘ we live on a speck of dust caught in a sunbeam.’ He spoke about the necessity to cherish and preserve our planet because everything we use and everyone we know lives on it. Everyone, including managers of tank storage and energy corporations, commodity traders, politicians or bankers depend on vital resources such as drinking water, food and shelter provided only by our earth. Human choices or as they are often called in the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) world, ‘Human factors’ are decisive and ultimately responsible and accountable for ethical implementation of HSE and CSR policies. Human factors are a combination of human consciousness an