Pamphlet; We the People 'Common Sense'

We the People
Common sense

"A long period of being wrong gives the superficial appearance of being right. Society is produced by our will, government by our wickedness. Society is a blessing, but government is only an evil. (Paine, Thomas, 1776)
Perhaps the sentiments in the following pages are not yet fashionable enough to grant them a general favour; a long habit of thinking nothing wrong gives a superficial appearance of being right, and initially evokes a formidable indignation in defence of the habit. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.
A long and violent abuse of power is generally the means to mention the right of it (and also in cases that would never have been thought of, if the sufferers had not been aggravated in the investigation), and if the King of England has undertaken in his own right, to support Parliament in what he calls them, and if the good people of this country are eerily oppressed by the combination, they have an undeniable privilege to investigate the pretensions of both, and equally to reject the possession of either.

Using common sense, I am writing this pamphlet, this manifesto of humanity, to defend and preserve not only human and non-human life, the environment and social and societal cohesion, but also our dignity, liberty and justice. I am writing this at a time in our human lives when despair, fear and anxiety seem to be determined, at a time of short-sightedness, motivated by business and political interests that have put the lives of us, of people today, but also of future generations, in terrible danger, and of which the regulations currently enforced are not solutions but will further disrupt society. The inescapable effects of the decisions taken by our leadership since the beginning of this virus outbreak will lead to a social implosion of dignified humanity, because the poverty and despair caused by it may give rise to rebellion and aggression which will be more damaging than the deaths that are now to be mourned.  This virus cannot be fought, we will have to learn to live with it, because every time it is thought to have been destroyed, a mutation of it may have been formed, by nature, which will again disrupt our lives. We cannot control death, but we must accept it as part of life. On the plains of Africa, first the weaker animals are hunted and eaten, because that way the stronger ones can live on. This makes us think. Our way of life has led to destructive behaviour, because we don't really take good care of ourselves. This weakens us, you and me as human beings, and makes us very vulnerable. We can measure this, because it is often the elderly and the sick who are the first to succumb to the virus. This should be a warning to those of us who survive; be stronger, healthier, better, wiser and more loving in order to strengthen our immune system by taking better care of ourselves.
What has happened in the last 6000 years is unprecedented. Those three basic necessities of life and conditions for a happy, sustainable and just life have always been trampled underfoot by those who had the opportunity and usually took it through violence and abuse. Because together, as human beings, we accepted that what was not good and harmed us as human beings was in fact good, because we made the mistake of acknowledging something that was bad as good, we ended up in a world that we as human beings do not or hardly understand anymore. Our intuition, feeling and inner knowing, realizes that something is not right, but we live our lives and let our reason, our reasoning, accept that it is right.
I call this negative interdependent behaviour, which is the actions of people that benefit some, but at the expense of many others, and this harmful, chosen, but also allowed activity, must simply stop. The acceptance by all of us of collateral damage, such as killing fellow human beings through war and conflict and damaging the environment through greed, must be refused. Externalities, i.e. the actual cost of trade, including the cost of death and destruction and pollution, are usually not added to the price you pay as a customer, so they must be added. We can only do this by working together, as one voice, i.e. Ieder1samen (every1together) bring the out of balance global society back into balance, into equilibrium, and we can do this by fighting the opposition with money, our money, brought together by all of us, because money is the only language our leaders in politics, finance and business speak and understand because it can buy power and influence, as power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, Lord Acton wrote. Knowing that this is so, we are obliged to do something about it. I can't do it alone, but as Ieder1samen.
I am writing this pamphlet to awaken the common sense of the people of the world, to stimulate them to see, to want to understand and to ask necessary, relevant, urgent questions about what political leadership and their interdependent business interests have done and still do to us, the people. I'm not writing about complaining or nagging about this, because we do it en masse on the various social media and in talk shows, but about what has happened and is happening to us, the people, and that's why we need to get to know history better and try to remember it, because as George Santayana told us, if we can't remember history, we are condemned to repeat it. We don't have to go back too long in the history book of mankind to understand that a so-called dehumanisation has taken place. Right now, our leaders seem concerned about life. They seem altruistic, but that's just an illusion. Since September 11, 2001, wars, conflicts, poverty, hunger, mass emigration and so on have deliberately killed millions of people and no one cared. Life just went on. We saw it on the news and shrugged our shoulders. But now people are terrified because this virus has no political or business purpose. So our leaders have become frightened and it is precisely this fear that we, you and I, can use to take back our human well-being and dignity.
Ordinary people, you and I, also called the 99%, or the rest of the world, have come to face the 1%, and those are the ones who have managed, with our knowledge, to enrich themselves in this way and gain the general power over us, the 99%, without blows, without resistance, using fear and violence, because we were and still are too scared and too divided to dare and be able to do anything about it. We can imagine that it began in Rome and after that by the religious powers for example at the time of the Holy Inquisition, the witch hunts, the absolute powers of royal houses and nobility, after which the political powers could be appropriated because money could be created by bankers only to finance wars for royal houses and nobility, putting them into debt, consequently they had to start levying taxes so that populations had to be milked out under pressure thus power ended up in the banks because our so-called democratic leaders, are afraid of the bankers because countries are in debt because they have accepted that only Central Banks have the right to create money and that countries and people, you and I, can only get money by having to borrow it at interest.
I know this is a long sentence, but I write it deliberately in the manner to show that everything is connected to everything. This applies not only to the current situation, but also because nature works that way. Everything depends on everything else and is connected to everything. The school of Athens, also called the school of philosophers, had given itself a primary task and that was; find the first cause. And that is what I am trying to do with this pamphlet and hopefully with your help. For what happened to us, the 99%, must have a first cause or must have first causes, because if we cannot find or prove them, there is no solution and we remain, ignorant, weak and indecisive. So I take you to today and wanted to invite you to take a very close look at what has happened to us, the 99%, in recent weeks. More than 3 billion people, you can rest assured, half the world's population, under penalty of fines, must stay at home because that could prevent the spread of a deadly virus. The first question we have to ask is: is it true that by keeping social distance you don't get infected, or less likely to get infected? We can answer this question in the affirmative, because if you are sick and cough in someone's face, it would be possible to release a virus that would then become volatile and could fly to another person hidden in tiny mucus or snot droplets. There are now also reports that when people are in groups, such as in old people's centres, prisons or in homes such as in India, where there is no room between people, the risk of infection increases.
But we have to ask ourselves whether we want to distance ourselves from our fellow man against our nature of love, cooperation, affection, compassion, because this will lead to confusing effects that will be noticeable in the future.
What our leaders use as a weapon is the fear of death that has fuelled the fear of our fellow man in such a way that we have ended up in the unpleasant situation that we are losing the natural confidence in our fellow man, which inevitably leads to more distance and the most terrible thing that can happen in a society is called distrust, because that could just turn into hate. What we must guard against is that draconian measures generate a state of suspicion. There are already click lines to betray our fellow human beings if, for example, they congregate in groups of more than two people, drones are already being used to drive groups apart, or a neighbour is staring through his binoculars to check whether you are sticking to the regulations and staying neatly inside. That is where the real danger lies; to build a society in which people can no longer or do not want to live together, where they have become afraid of each other. If you read the book of Solzhenitzyn 'a day in the life of Ivan Denisovich', you learn what absolute power can mean. In such a world one cannot and does not want to live. There are many examples of absolute power such as in China, where communism silences citizens and where criticism of the state is severely punished, the USA and Russia, which are not democracies, but oligarchies, the former GDR, and in Romania, where I worked at the time of the terrible, de-humane, paranoid and harmful Ceausescu regime. There social distancing was imposed, not by physical distancing, but by distrust of each other and the constant fear of being arrested by the Romanian secret service, the Securitate. I then worked on tankers as a superintendent and was regularly taken to a captain’s cabin because there the Securitate officer, whom could have been anyone of the crew, would not be able to listen in. But did I know who he was? That's the awful thing; not knowing who you can or can't trust anymore. A better, worse word is suspicion. Divide and conquer is precisely the method of keeping people in line, so hence my call to bring ieder1samen, everyone together.
So, now we have immediately found the first cause and that is the fear that makes us accept everything our leaders tell us to do. That's why we sit at home en masse, but while we in the West, or the richer part of the world, still have the luxury of being able to survive for a few weeks without income, billions of other people are dependent on whether or not to work and have to make ends meet every day. Three days without work already means two days less food, so after a week, hunger will drive them to despair and to the streets, doing what is not allowed and thus will be stopped by politically ordered violence which will lead to even more extreme regulations, rules as used by the former fascists. The army and police will be busy precipitating uprisings until they too realise that they are being used to defend negative interdependent dominance while they themselves are victims of it as well. This understanding will come too late because by that time much more suffering will have been suffered.
This is not doom and gloom, but a realistic view of the taking away of freedom, but one based on assumptions, media reports that do not describe the whole reality, but only illuminate the part that drives the fear and we, the people, have to do something about it. Because the information we receive from our governments and media is not complete, decisions are made that disrupt society and social cohesion. It is a physical fact that incomplete information leads to disorder. If you read the newspapers and let the mainstream news channels do the talking, you will have noticed that people are guided by fear. We are mainly influenced by negative reporting, for example by always showing how many people are infected or lying or dying in the ICU. There is hardly any talk about who has gotten better or about the people who really got into trouble because they can no longer provide for their living needs and are promised that their government will draw its wallet to assist them financially, but that government is not telling us, the people, that it actually has no money, but that it has to borrow it from the central banks owned by private companies owned by banking families and private financial institutions such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank which in turn have to answer to the BIS, the Bank for International Settlement in Basel and which in turn is owned by the same bankers who thus benefit from any dehumanising disorder, including this Corona crisis, while the pressure on us, the people, is getting bigger and bigger, because those banks, in the end, would like to be paid back the borrowed money, preferably with interest, which directly means that this can only be done by taxes, which are in principle nothing else, but interest payments because governments are obliged to borrow money because the bankers have forbidden governments to be allowed to create their own national currencies. I know I sometimes fall into repetitions, but this fact is the first cause, according to the school of Athens, the cause of the current state of our society, polluted world and damaged humanity.
So we, you and I, don't have much choice, either to choose for rebellion and that is going to cost blood, sweat and tears, or, and I want to stimulate that with this pamphlet, to work together, to unite us as people of the 99% and to give us a stick to beat and defeat our opponents with using their own weapon of power which is money. Money is the only language they understand. With money, now that it is still entrusted to us, because the signs to a purely digital money system which can also be controlled digitally, appear on the wall. So it is now or never. Imagine there are a million people working together and then a billion people wanting to work together? If all people support us, the fund belongs to all of us, HumanWellbeingFund, with a dollar or euro per year, per month, or more? This means that we, as the 99%, can no longer be denied a seat at the table of powers, because it means that we, the people, are going to have enough money to influence decisions that could harm human and not human life, the environment or environment and social cohesion, because together we could have much more money than our leaders, which we can simply call our opponents because you and I have long noticed that the bulk of political and economic decisions are not aimed at protecting us, the people, but at enriching them and strengthening their positions of power. Now you may not have thought about this properly or at all, because you may only be thinking about your family, work or social position, about the fact that for the time being no sports competitions are being played or about the fact that you are not allowed to go to the singing club or pigeon club because there are too many people there who might infect each other. You read 'could' because there is no realistic evidence because we don't have enough information to substantiate this and because we deliberately don't know or can't know who is sick or who isn't and therefore restrict those who aren't sick in their freedom which in turn is at the expense of the supply of their own living needs and therefore reinforces distrust and damages social cohesion. Logic is what is missing in the 'lock down' scenario and that is because we, as the people, are insufficiently informed or deliberately kept uninformed because in this way the fear can be reinforced, which makes the majority of people, mesmerized and thus allows themselves to undergo one of the 3 effects of fear. These 3 effects are called the FFF effects, or Freeze, Flight or Fight response. Therefore we are frozen, frozen in our homes, incapable of acting, let alone thinking, held captive by our reptile brain, manipulated by those who understand. So a logical next question is, do we want to flee? Can we go somewhere? Where would we go? We can easily answer this question with no, because we can't run anymore. We can do one more thing and that's fight!  We have to fight, for ourselves as human, humane and peace-loving people, and we have to overcome the fear that made us freeze and make us want to flee to get up, to challenge our opponents with raised, perhaps bloody heads, because if we don't do that together, we don’t deserve our freedoms or justice. The name homo sapiens (the wise man) doesn't seem to exist anymore so we and the generations that come after us will lament in a society that will consist of slaves. And we ourselves will be responsible because we have accepted this slave existence as if we were lambs at slaughter and not dignified, sensible, peace-loving, unique human beings who, by ultimately daring to use their common sense, have finally earned back their freedom because we are worthy of it. So in order to regain our dignity, freedom, justice or perhaps redefined, truly deserve it, all we have to do is stop complaining, express your anger (nice and safe and easy) through social media and get out of your lazy chair and support this fund, not only by giving money, but by participating to protect us as honourable people and re-humanising our society.
How are we, the people or the 99%, going to achieve that? By working together, we can use this fund to buy influence. This means we need to start using lobbyists who must go to those places where far-reaching decisions are made about us, the people, 99%, like Brussels, Washington, Geneva and all the places in all the countries where our governments have seats. As a fund, we must attend those conferences that can help determine our future; climate, energy transition, health, monetary systems, economy, ethics, corporate social responsibility, bio-diversity, ecology, systems science, etc. because we, as human beings, need much more information in order to truly protect our lives and dignity. At the moment decisions are being made that have a major impact on our lives, but we either know nothing or too little about this. So we have to shape our opinions and protect ourselves that we do not fight other opinions but through conversation with each other we want to listen to each other's opinions and views because all ideas, views and knowledge form the necessary  and complete information. So we come back to the objective of the School of Athens and find the second main cause of all crises, wars and general dehumanisation and that is that not all information is used. ‘Those who are fine with their freedoms being given up for some form of security deserve neither freedom nor security,' said Benjamin Franklin.
We must fight for our freedom and security, but not at the expense of these three human and planetary needs. Jules de Corte already sang about it; 'we will never obtain them by asking for them'. No, we are at a turning point in human history and there is one more chance, given by nature in the form of a Virus, to stand up for our dignity. When you see who we as humans really are, where we come from, how our bodies are a composition of unique evolutionary events, our creative consciousness and an incomprehensible complexity, kept alive by and with an equally complex and unique composition of our planet, earth, nature and the universe and that we are literally made of stardust.
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494) wrote his speech the Hominis Dignitate: (On the dignity of man) in 1487, but he was not allowed to pronounce it in Rome, because he said: 'I have read in Arabic scriptures, Reverend Father, that when asked what seemed most admirable to him on this scene, the Saracen Abdallah replied: nothing more admirable than man'. This corresponds to the famous saying of Mercury: 'A great miracle, O Asclepius, is man'.  And thirdly, the argument for the human dignity of Nemesius who noted this in his writings 'About the Being of Man': Who could now admire the nobility of this living being, which in itself unites the mortal with the immortal and connects the reasonable with the unreasonable?
Man as an admirable life, man as a microcosm seems to have been supplanted. This uniqueness that is maintained by our vision, our mind and our ability to adapt so that a human being can survive, we have now almost discarded, because we have almost forgotten our human dignity. Man is a unique living system that depends on all circumstances, nature and social cohesion. Man is a social being that needs others to be able to survive. Think of the beautiful voice of a soprano or tenor, or Bach or Rolling Stones, or Beatles or any other singer or band, who can make the expression of thoughts in the form of music cause such intense vibrations that the harmony can heal us, but also makes us weep. Add to that the infinite creativity that everyone possesses, including those who have not fully developed it or converted it into an art or skill. Therein lies my hope, that enormous human ingenuity, inspired by the universe, the cosmos, that has brought us to this point, but which could also be our downfall because that ingenuity is also used against life, as in the arms industry, the banking industry and by polluting industries that significantly shorten human and non human life.
The great danger lies in individualism, selfishness, loneliness and fear, for therein lies greed, power and makes human beings, born to live socially, anti-social, mean, psychopathic and even violent. By the way, this is because they are more afraid than we are, precisely because of that fear that leads to stress one becomes short-sighted and narrowminded. This is a scientific fact and Hannah Arendt described it as ' the banality of evil.’ Bureaucrats who carry out tasks that are unethical because they do not think and hide behind the perception that they are only doing what they were ordered to do led to the Holocaust. This pamphlet also calls on those people, in the service of the authorities, to think carefully about what they are doing and to test it, but never to lose sight of the dignity of life and human beings.
If you look for the banality of evil, you will hardly ever be able to discover people's true evil. It is often hidden in a kind of mediocrity, of unconsciousness, of having done what I was ordered to do, and that corresponds to the current state of humanity, which is that we do on a large scale what we are ordered to do because we are too afraid to dare say anything about it or to rebel. We want to, but we are stuck and we reason our inactivity with something like, "Ah, it'll be all right, it won't run that fast, I'll do as I'm told and say as I'm told, so I'm not an evil spirit, but please leave me alone and I won't open the door, because only here, between my four walls, do I feel somewhat safe. ‘Leave me alone.’ And that is also an important first cause, we do nothing because we all accept it so that we, as human beings, have become benevolent victims of ruthless people who, by wanting to participate in political power and doing everything possible to maintain that power, rob human beings of their humanity. Even the million of soldiers killed for our freedom have in fact been murdered, sacrificed for some interest, perhaps without wanting it, but who through fear and false information give their lives convincingly to their people and fatherland, but always because they were not informed about the true motivations, so they were sent to the battlefield for the wrong reason, merely to provide some profiteers with undeserved income, because wars would not be necessary at all if human reason, intuition, feeling, or common sense, were used. This is what I wrote about something bad being tolerated as something good. Dehumanisation is a fact, it is now time for a re-humanisation.
Science and Common Sense
Fortunately, what we don't have to do is follow some ideology or invent a new one. What we can do is to scientifically, rationally, but also instinctively substantiate our goal of preserving human and non-human life, the environment and social cohesion. The restoration of human well-being and dignity does not have to be conceived but can be based on science. Biology, ecology, physics, the humanities, social science, history and systems science such as complexity theory and cybernetics prove our objectives to be correct. This is not complicated at all. We can look at life, how it came into being and how it keeps itself alive to the fullest by looking at nature, communicating with nature to learn from it and then copying those natural ways in our form of living together. Sustainable materials can be created by Bio Mimicry. Nothing more is needed. There is no ‘ism’ such capitalism, socialism, totalitarianism or fascism needed. We have to ask ourselves how one can stay happy and healthy and what is needed for that. Our common sense is already programmed by nature to survive. A human being knows that he or she needs warmth, food, water, protection, love and compassion. So what we can and should do is ask all the questions as the philosopher Bertrand Russell told us in his essay 'The Value of Philosophy’. Philosophy is misunderstood by many people as though it was a pseudoscience where questions that were too difficult were never answered, but is that really so? The word philosophy means: love of wisdom. And I think that only the human will and desire for knowledge and wisdom, we humans, can save ourselves from deterioration. Philosophy means to be open to all answers, whether or not they fit into our perception or serve our goals. Nature teaches us that everything is connected to everything and that there is an interdependence between all life. The Gaia theory teaches us that we do not live on, but with a living planet where only by working with it, life can continue. But those scientific facts are either unknown, or denied by those who destroy our planet, not knowing that they also destroy themselves because the planet no longer allows such behaviour, hence nature’s last proposal; the Coronavirus, which is a blessing, because suddenly, like a thunderclap in clear skies, we, the people of the 99%, have the chance to turn the destructive way of life into a constructive one, but I cannot do that alone, only as Ieder1samen. We can measure what has endangered our society, our dignity, our human and non-human life, the environment and social cohesion by decisively stopping, simply not accepting it anymore.
This brings me to the problem of perception once described by another philosopher, George Berkeley, who asked: 'If a tree falls in the woods, and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?’  We can give different answers to this, please try? However, it's about the message behind it, human perception or opinion. What we perceive is not always reality, and an event, like this sound in the forest, does happen, but only through our perception with our ears, could we hear it. What this means is fantastic; it is only through our perception that something happens to us. If we do not perceive, then nothing happens, does it? The way we experience the world around us is our reality or understanding. So when we see, hear, experience that the necessary conditions for the preservation of life have been compromised, that is also the case. This means that those who choose to deny their perception will not change because their perception might experience the opposite. The question is; how do you see and how are we seeing the world around us? By testing those perceptions against reality, we can control our lives. If we don't, life becomes ungovernable and will always remain unstable and give rise to anxiety, thus confirming the interdependent relationship of greed and fear. People who deny their own perceptions are afraid. They would never do this if, for example, they were washed ashore on an island alone, because then they would not be able to survive if they did not want to acknowledge reality. So, if my logic hasn't taken me off the right path, the dependency of pushing through a false perception depends on the victims either denying it or accepting it, and so we come back to us, the human and the 99%. By the way, it is scientifically proven that harmful behaviour does not occur in a social vacuum (that island), but always depends on others because they present themselves as victims.
Intuition and imagination, feeling and sensation, are typically human traits provided to us by nature, but by the tendency of mechanistic and analytical thinking, they are often dismissed as irrelevant and unnecessary, because after all, we believe in rationalism alone. That is a mistake, an omission, because it is precisely through human sensory capacities of perception that we feel something before it is going to happen. It is our, by nature given, possibility of self-reflection which proves our distinction from animals. This parapsychological capacity can be found in all human beings, but in my opinion it is used too little because people have learnt, in schools and universities, not to rely on it. So if you take a good look at our current human situation and let your feelings run wild, you can immediately conclude that something is not right. Something is not logical, not human, not natural. It is our nature that tells us that through our capacity for reflection.
The separation of powers
Surveillance against private liberties? As the 99%, we can impose privacy requirements on state and technology companies that offer us 'convenience' but we are not told what price in privacy we have to pay for it. So I think it's possible to demand paying for access to our privacy. Suppose you give 10% of your privacy to Facebook, so that company pays you for access. If Google wants 20%, they pay 20%, and so on. So then the 99% gets the opportunity to negotiate, something that can't be done now. 5G is not necessary, but is driven by political and business interests. As I suggested, it is precisely the lack of information that derails the decision to push through this unnecessary change, that is, the incomplete information, that disrupts our social system. People are already setting fire to the new 5G masts. We have to be careful not to become victims of our mobile dependency and addiction. This also disturbs human dignity and will be used against us because governments want to know exactly who is doing what or where, in order to profile ourselves through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) what is already happening in China and why the Intelligence agencies are working on it for our so-called security. We, people behave with dignity and responsibility, do not need imposed security, nor laws or regulations. We can work on this together and we need to work together. Sensible behaviour leads to a safer, healthier and happier life without fear of death, because it is again that fear that imprisons us in Plato's cave. Do we want a war between man and machine, waged by a rebellious mob and the political leadership? We have to think about it together, you and I, and make a separation. I'm writing this pamphlet to avoid civil war, an armed conflict, a rebellion and prevent a world war, because if we disagree and the humiliation of human dignity persists, not only the 99% of human life will end, but also that of the 1%. Don't let this happen. The opportunity to prevent further humiliation has been given to us by the Coronavirus, so let us seize it with both hands. You and I.
I have now filled ten pages with my thoughts, suggestions, solutions and offered you the possibility to stand up as Ieder1samen. Together we can realize everything we dreamed of. It is no longer necessary to condone and accept something that is really dangerous. Grumbling or complaining doesn't help. Even those alternative news media, journalists and documentary makers who tell us the reality and truth are ignored because they are too few in number, even though they sometimes have millions of followers. This division doesn't work, because it can still be ignored as our leadership operates above any law or dignity and can decide what happens to us. Democracy is dead and never really existed, believing in it is also a perception error. The true, ulterior motivation of lockdowns and severe restrictions of freedom is, not to save people’s lives, because if that was the case, millions of other deaths could have been prevented earlier, but the frantic last and desperate effort of bankers, corporations and politicians, or the 1%, to save the monetary, financial and economic systems their wealth and power depend on, by ignoring the scientific information that these systems are no longer viable. This will unfortunately cause more destructive consequences unless we, united as the 99%,  rise up. We, the people of this world, through our natural innate compassion, are obliged to take care of our children, grandchildren and future generations so that they can never lose their dignity again. Protecting us and their well-being means protecting the well-being of the planet and nature, and this can only be done by Ieder1samen. Like Henry David Thoreau wrote, we need civil disobedience. We can do this by gathering information, and I mean, all relevant information and not working with incomplete information as we have always done causing inhumane consequences.  Nature communicates by exchanging all relevant information through cognition so that it can learn and thus adapt to new circumstances. People don't realize this, therefore they are trapped in ideology, which are basically dead systems because they don't tolerate contradiction (other information). Did you know that information obeys the laws of physics? And that with the use of information as its energy, nature builds order and structure? This, we can, as humans and the 99%, too. If we want to hear all the voices, try to find out all the information through research and listening to other opinions, we will be able to use that information to restore the order and structure that was already there naturally, but has been confused by the short-sightedness of people. Isn't that a wonderful, elegant and even scientifically sound prospect? Aristotle said that people, human beings share the same goal: to be happy. Therefore we have no other choice than to unite and take care of each other.

April 17, 2020


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