Information or inevitable collapse; time to choose!


We can demonstrate with scientific and historical certainty that man-made systems that do not communicate and are therefore based on partial information will always, but unfortunately only after significant damage, collapse because they do not learn. In many blogs and articles I have tried to explain that it is always about information. With sufficient information I can protect my life but with insufficient information I am in danger. I cannot explain it more simply. But what we are observing together now is that relevant information with which we can correct the disastrous political Corona policy is being deliberately denied and even suppressed. Now, in order not to complain that this is wrong or unfair, let me scientifically substantiate what is actually happening. As I demonstrated in my scientific article 'Information is Physical', the physical law 'information cannot be separated from physical reality' cannot be broken without creating 'entropy' or disorder in living systems. A living system is, for example, a human being, an animal, but also society, a government or an organisation because, according to Niklas Luhmann, the German sociologist, they are all 'systems of communication' and can only continue to function through communication. Human creation needs energy in the form of information to build beauty, structure and order. Information can never be separated from the physical world (Khalili, Jim, 2017). Information is not just an abstraction, it is carried by something, a stone, a CD, or a book, a spirit, a quantum particle and cannot break the laws of physics. Information can be stored in any system to give it unique properties. DNA, genes, neuron synapses, electrons, neuropeptides work as information messengers, (Pert, Candace, 2005). Quantum particles, as the fundamental building blocks of all matter, is energy and information that do not work in isolation, but form a unity, a unified field with human consciousness. The world is a representation of information. (Hagelin, John, 2007).  The smallest initial conditions such as personal thoughts are thus elementary building blocks of reality.  Human action and its causality or the relationship between one event (the cause) and a second event (the effect) influences reality (Radin, Dean 1997) (McTaggert, Lynn 2007).


The universe is a physical system that contains bits of information. Each elementary particle carries bits of information. Electrons carrying information interact in a systematic way to perform a quantum logic operation. A computer and our mobile phones work like the universe because they are part of the universe and to work they must obey the same physical laws. Computers and the universe are information processors. Quantum computing is currently possible because of information, the universe already works this way. (Lloyd, Seth, 2016).  Quantum information processing analyses the universe in terms of information: the universe consists not only of photons, electrons, neutrinos and quarks, but also of quantum bits or qubits. Professor Lloyd says that the universe is a gigantic computer, which processes information in quantum bits (qubits).


The universe, a computer, the human body, the environment, companies; all living systems are information carriers, receptors and/or transmitters. The information they carry can be understood as meaning, observed and grasped by the human consciousness and processed by its brain. Without the human ability to interpret information and meaning by perception, the usefulness of bits of information could not have been observed. (Van Campen, 2020).


The stability of a living system is a continuous process of balancing order and entropy using all available and relevant information through interaction between all parts of a system in relation with the environment. Natural systems such as people, animals, flowers or plants and organisations can be kept in balance with the environment in order to continue functioning if these conditions are met, during a continuous process of communication. According to Norbert Wiener, the process of giving and receiving information is the natural adaptation of living systems to live effectively with and in their environment. The condition is to seek balance and equilibrium rather than forced growth by power, for example, by ulterior motives: economic gain, political power, greed, which become dependent on ignoring information, which inevitably causes havoc, from which no one escapes.


We now see information about the potential harmfulness of vaccines, the crack in social cohesion caused by an enforced QR code, about cheap, available medicines, about dismissal and exclusion of unvaccinated people from the workforce, about violent police actions, lying politicians, the under-reporting of side effects, the unwillingness to listen to scientifically provable arguments by thousands of experts by experience, the state propaganda by public broadcasters who will do anything to spread only one point of view (that vaccination is the only solution) and suppress other, relevant, necessary information.

We can conclude that the current social unrest is the result of a deliberate information deficit which means entropy i.e. disorder.  Political decisions that drastically affect our lives are not corrected by real time information because people are not open to it out of covert motivation. Information, particularly from Israel, that vaccinated people can be just as, or even more, contagious than unvaccinated people is being eradicated. Information that countries such as Sweden are doing better without lock-downs than countries with lock-downs is being trivialised because politicians, under the guise of 'we are doing it to protect the people', are giving themselves carte blanche to disrupt social life for the so-called greater good. Anyone who can read history knows that a collectivist call for the Greater Good, always ended in totalitarianism.

Not only for the present, but for the near and distant future, if all the relevant information cannot be corrected, society will tear itself apart even further, so that there will be a struggle between everyone. This will manifest itself in bloodshed, for the present collectivists will abandon all morality. But perhaps it cannot be otherwise. A people that does not stand up deserves the leadership it gets. As long as the majority accepts it, democracy can be considered precarious, after all, most votes count, also those of the silent masses.


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