Afraid to die = afraid of living

Today I look outside and see that it is grey and that it is raining. Exactly my sentiment for this blog. The view confirms how I feel. I think of those people who have died because of the virus, but I am more worried about those who have to live on. Only a very small percentage of the world's population has unfortunately died with the virus, but 99.9% may have been infected, but do not get sick and will not die yet. They will have to live on, but in a different way, without real freedom, often without work or business, because the restrictions have made free enterprise almost impossible. Millions of self-employed people are without work and income, and there is no prospect of continuing their business. The question is: where are these people going? And; what should they do now? The general trend towards even more automation continues steadily. Will they all have to become civil servants or will there be a basic income so that these people can continue to meet their basic needs? This week I saw the sad video of Dutch singer and entrepreneur Gordon showing his empty restaurant on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. He symbolized what is going on. I also saw the story of a family business, a Parmaham shop in Madrid that has to close its doors after 150 years because no one is allowed on the street and therefore cannot come and buy their ham. Anyone can predict what the future will look like for such people. And don't forget the children, pupils, students. They live in fear, they are scared by frightened teachers. Playing free, romping around or standing together is forbidden. House parties, funerals, weddings are curtailed and why? Because people are afraid of death and therefore no longer dare to live. My wife and I have worked for many years in dangerous dictatorships under conditions of war, such as Angola, Congo, Romania, Iran, Colombia, Algeria and so on. This week we spoke to a good friend who lived in Bosnia but fled to save her life. We all suddenly shared the same reflection and that was that this time reminds us of life in conflict zones, with curfews, secret police, eavesdropping, corruption, assassinations and misery. That is not how people want to live, is it? But it is already happening.. It will get worse if we do not stop it. You see, it is fear that paralyses us to do something about it. The natural freeze, flight or fight reaction is obvious. At the moment we are frozen, we cannot flee, so we will have to fight for the dignity of existence. We must never sacrifice our happiness and never allow our natural affection for others to be taken away through fines or a criminal record. Can you not see that this excessive violence, inflicted on you by policemen and BOA's, is intended to control your lives? How can you allow your benevolence, your goodness and your humanity to be taken from you by force, just because you are afraid of death, which is an inescapable part of life? Fear is a bad counselor, so please  listen to your heart.

Picture: Ankh - is the Egyptian symbol of life.


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