Reality in 2019

When watching the news, reading the papers or listening to politicians we often can’t tell if what we read and hear is true or false. This is causing a dilemma for any organisation or person, because the principal goal of 1984’ ministry of information was to control it. What happens if one controls information with an intention of not sharing it, we can read in the news daily. In an earlier column I mentioned that information reduces uncertainty, but now, with the example of Russiagate in mind, we can no longer trust main stream media because information could be withheld or evaded out of some kind of ulterior motivation. This is not very good for businesses or human well-being. Information, energy and matter are the cornerstones of life, because if one of them is hidden or negated, a living system collapses. This is what I observe today. Living systems, people, animals, organisations are in great jeopardy of extinction because information is not able to be fed back into them, therefore hindering the ability to learn and adapt. Now, fast forward this insight to what you are doing in your own business or industrial environment; ask yourself? ‘Will my organisation survive if I ignore relevant or related information? You probably know the answer already: ‘No it won’t survive, because a system (organisation) which refuses information, is in fact already dead.’
An example; ‘When I run a sandwich stand at a train station, can I deliberately ignore information about an expiry date of the pickles or ham I use?’ ‘When I run an oil terminal can I afford to negate information about a truck driver who drank too much yesterday?’ ‘If I produce a dangerous chemical compound, can I act if I don’t know about a possible carcinogenic effect?’
All of this is ‘information’ that is guided and controlled by our energy which results in real events and effects (matter).  Steering and controlling a system or organisation can only be done by using all three of them. Now look at politics, why do they have to exist? You and I understand that a political ideology can only thrive by ignoring information as soon as it does not confirm purpose. Such purpose can never be achieved unless it is enforced. This of course is harmful and any living system that would do this, will entropy and perish. I call Politics carcinogenic, because politicians jeopardize any organisation’s ability to last for the long term thriving on its own by natural and realistic balancing of information, energy and matter. Now, you may not believe me, but think about the sandwich you bought this morning before catching your train? And think about your day ahead when you have to make a decision. Be careful because errors of omission are the riskiest; they would make you avoid things (information) which leads to actions which you won’t do, but should have done. It is all about living in ‘Realimiteit’; within limits of reality, which requires all information.


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