A new science; The Science of Reality

29.12.2018 - Amended October 15, 2019

Thoughts about the need to sustain life on earth, drew me to a conclusion: There is a need for a new science, a theory of everything; a science of reality.
This science can measure and determine the difference between what is real and what is not. When we apply this science to what people do, we can easily conclude that what is unreal, cannot be sustained and generally is harmful.
When we look at political processes, industrial products, societal governance or ‘war’ games, they usually are trying to exist beyond limits of reality and do so by force. They try to exist outside of reality because when we would measure their ‘realism’ we would soon find that they can only be pursued at the cost of…..(collateral damage such as people, environment, social cohesion).
This makes them immediately unsustainable because they are harmful to something, someone, somewhere. This harmfulness is due to the (ab) use of resources (people, plants, animals. materials, laws) to benefit some, but at the cost of….others...
Our proposed Science of Reality is not only verifiable by the usual scientific, deterministic empirical method, but also includes the application of new, so called, holistic sciences such as philosophy, noetics, cybernetics, chaos or systems theory - everything. I do believe that Stephen Hawkins would  embrace this idea into his research towards finding a theory of everything. Just ask yourself this question: ‘Is reality not everything that nature represents?’
Therefore, when we do things, they can only exist and keep on existing when we take reality into account, because doing things beyond reality is not supported by nature, neither by our planet, nor by the universe. Mathematics and physics deal in ‘real’ matter and can calculate reality because equations seize to be possible until the limit of reality – Realimiteit,  is reached.
A science of reality proves that lying, omitting, scamming, conniving, manipulating or thieving are efforts to escape or deny reality, which are scientifically unsustainable and generally harmful. People who make their living by deliberately ignoring reality, can’t be happy, because deserved pride can only be achieved by virtue, not by vice.  Nature provides this sense of morality to all, because it is an innate survival mechanism. It is a scientific fact that remorse can’t be switched off.
Now, of course a knee-jerk reaction of readers will be to ignore what I wrote here. But facts are facts, reality is real and as Ayn Rand wrote some time ago: ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too.’
Please give this new Science of Reality some thought and comment? Science of ethics, philosophy, social studies such as economics, politics, communication,  history or anthropology, only address parts of reality and despite determining cause and effects of unsustainable behaviour and offering scientific explanations, they have not led to sustainable solutions that will ensure our survival. Personally I never understood that there can be something called ‘political science’, which I believe is an oxymoron, because politics are typically directly correlated to the negation of reality in order to achieve a pre-planned goal. Such a goal will be, if this 'science of reality' approach is correct, unsustainable. Therefore we can now empirically and systematically prove that the accomplishment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is only possible by accepting and implementing this Science of Reality. Why this new science of reality is needed is because business ethics, corporate and political corporate social responsibility did and do not deliver adequate results of changing negatively interdependent practices into positively interdependent ones.
Through the science of reality we can predict, prove and determine that actions beyond reality cannot be sustained, are not supported by nature and are harmful to human and non human life, the environment and social cohesion.
The attempt to escape reality and pursue surreal goals in politics, business or religion therefore is detrimental to life on earth and is THE principal first cause for all conflicts, crisis and misery on earth. So, when we are talking about how to manage, govern or control a system (company, organisation, a country, or political plan), we can only do this if it is designed to function within the limits or boundaries of reality. It is impossible, both logically and scientifically to control anything which is unreal, rendering force, coercion, pressure, subjection or abuse of power totally ineffective because outcomes can never be controlled nor sustained. Those who try directly destabilise themselves, their surroundings and life in general causing entropy (disorder) which is the current. appalling state of our world. Sustainable governance is possible by feedback only in real time. Go to www.creazene.org to read more?


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