Organisations such as governments are Living Systems: Will they survive or die?

You and I, the production of chemical compounds, political parties, the police, government, the hospital, an oil company and retirement home, the TV network, a newspaper, and many other organisations are in fact; living systems and as the famous German sociologist Niklas Luhmann called them; Social Systems of Communication.
A human body, an animal body, a plant, a flower, a tree, an insect, a fish, a mammal, an ape, a crocodile, a heap of earth, a mole hill, the oceans, a butterfly, a salamander; the too are living systems and social systems of communication.
It is because these living systems communicate all the time with everything that surrounds them and within themselves, they are able to stay alive. These living systems are all equipped with the ability to learn from cognitive interaction with their internal and external environment, (Exchange of information) which we call learning. They can survive because the stay within the borders of natural functionality which I have called ; within limits of reality (Realimiteit).
By learning a living system can adapt to new situations all the time and improve its ability to sustain itself, reaching a status which is called homeostasis. This means that the living system is in a stable condition and is able to maintain regulation of that stable condition. It is able to optimally function in balance with its environment.
In contrast, when we look at the way global social systems of communication (organisations, financial institutions, banks, governments, political parties, ideological or religious movement, path-dependent industries) to name a few, operate or function, we can immediately observe that they do not communicate, do not learn and therefore are instable and usually harmful. They cannot maintain their homeostasis because information that does not suit a pre-planned goal is categorically ignored or evaded. In fact, goals these systems choose, are dependent on ignoring facts and stifling  opposition.
1.       We have a global financial and economic system based on capitalism, whilst science has proven that capitalism is negative interdependent and a linear economy does not fit a non linear world. i.e. it benefits some, but at the cost of others (people, poverty, environment, ecological balance, etc.)
2.       The demand that people accept one religion only, is also negative interdependent because people who dont believe are forced, sacrificed or even murdered. Religions do not often use or accept information which contradicts a doctrine or belief system and therefore they cannot be expected to survive without external and internal pressure. As a social system it is not communicating, thus unable to learn and always instable. This is nature at work.
3.       A political party that follows for example socialist ideology closes itself from information which offers alternatives, even if they are better. Politicians often do not listen to arguments that would jeopardize a pre-set purpose or interests. This undermines the validity of democracy, because when 49% is against the other 51% percent ideology, they have to accept the outcome of which they know and can prove potential harmfulness. Democracy is therefore a dead system, which cannot survive, because it does not allow all information.
4.       A newspaper that is dependent on advertising income from right or left wing organisations, could become biased in its news reporting, which we observe worldwide. Therefore the news this paper publishes will always add to an imbalanced outlook and loses its trustworthiness,  hence it will become and stay instable, losing readers.
5.       The European, US or Russian living systems of government are also instable because they are negative interdependent systems. These forms of government suppress information which does not confirm purpose or would expose culprits. The Ukraine, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Russiagate or the Environmental destruction of the Amazon to name a few, are factual information from which only a convenient part is used, whilst inconvenient information is ignored.
What these examples have in common is that such government, financial, political or religious systems will not be able to survive. They are in fact already dead. Living systems that do not communicate cannot learn and therefore will perish sooner or later.
We are living in a world that is alive. Even rocks communicate as they too, over time, change and adapt because they are one with the environment. Environment is always changing, adapting and adjusting to new situations, global and universal circumstances. Our living bodies and minds are naturally inclined to do the same, because if mine would not do so, I could not have written this blog today.
Conclusion;  living systems are social systems of communication. Without learning and making use of all information they will die because they cannot control and balance life.  With this basic knowledge it become easy, but also alarmingly scary, to see and understand which current living systems are harmful and should be dead already. For the time being these systems can survive only if we as the people who understand allow it. If we stop allowing them, is it over. It is through our subordination, acquiescence, but very much due to the abuse of power by a financial elite, that these harmful systems are still able to sustain themselves.  But rest assured, look at history, and know that every negative interdependent living system will self-destruct. It is a matter of time, but I do believe we are running out of time and that is why I developed this mapping tool to predict and make you aware which organisation (living system) will live or die. You will understand which organisation you can trust. The worst thing a government can do is to create distrust. Not to know who to trust is devastatingly harmful to life. Is trust not the foundation of love, sharing and a condition to sustain a brotherhood of man? Trust can only be achieved by truth and acceptance of reality. Information, all of it, is the condition of a well balanced life for all. Harmful living systems will destroy themselves, so just look at which organisation is harmful to life, people, environment and you will now understand that they will perish because they try to ignore nature as if they are not a part and dependent on it.

And that is my final argument; every living system that tries to live outside Realimiteit is in fact already dead.


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