Reality and its Human Potential

·         Unified integration of mind and matter
·         Quantum physics is Human Awareness
·         Fact and fiction are one imagination
·         Dreams are reality and a part of it.
·         Creation comes from within us all.
·         Thoughts are reality and part of it at the same time.
·         Matter is here and it is there at the same time.
·         Human Consciousness is reality’s mind.
·         Holographic man is indefinite.
·         Conventional physics are only a part of the total.
·         Current description of our world is incomplete.
·         New laws will be discovered all the time as the observer (man) is indefinitely evolving.
·         The power of pure intention is limitless.
·         Asking ‘all’ the questions is the basis for morality.
·         Using a combination of Physics and Philosophy provides sustainable solutions.
·         A man or woman alone on an island cannot survive without being ethical.
·         Ethics is the metaphysical innate tool for survival.
·         Morality can only be ignored in social surroundings, needing others to serve it.
·         It does not pay to be unethical in a social vacuum.
·         Atrocities, crime against humanity or assassinations cannot be excused as they would not occur on a deserted island.
·         Ulterior motivation kills. Central planning creates wars and thus victims.
·         Collateral damage cannot be excused or justified as the cost of  choice or action.
·         One world- one human kind- one nature- one survival method; compassion
·         God is the Imagination (William Blake) through man.

·         We are one!


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