Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion.

We are talking about the use of force as if it were a natural thing. We are talking about punishment, repercussions, imprisonment, retaliation, revenge as if these are humane actions and acceptable for the greater good.
We like to fly Business Class and enjoy special privileges and too often become arrogant about it as if we want to be special and insist on deserving special treatment. Flying First Class often increases this gap of arrogance which causes a wedge between people. Airline upgrades become human upgrades separating us and we don’t seem to know, to care or to realize what it can mean. We believe we have earned it whilst others do not. But who are these other people?  'Look at all the people, where do they all belong?' sang the Beatles 50 years ago.
We see Presidents reside in heavily guarded palaces, so that these palaces have become prisons as the inhabitants seek to be protected from an angry mob outside that firstly had to be robbed to pay for the place.
We see bankers evolving into greedy monsters because they are afraid to be poor. They decide that poor people are outcast of society because they deserve it.
We smell and breathe polluted air because ‘hey, this is the price for economic growth’ so you better get used to it.

Force, growth, or in our case forced growth is unnatural and goes against human conscience. People can survive on little means, basic necessities, compassion, love, simplicity.
People do not have to be curtailed by force or forced into unnatural actions because they are not built or designed like that. Natural evolution, natural selection gave us physical and moral tools to survive with.
A moral conscience, also called a moral compass, is an innate feature of human biology. Fear too can be a tool to survive, but now fear has become a weapon of mass destruction. There were no nuclear weapons in Iraq, but the fear of them conveniently created a reason to destruct. Look at what Iraq has become today.
Look at what the US and Europe have become. Both have transformed into neoliberal powerhouses where fear and greed have developed into a very dangerous Central Planning bureaucracy. The Nazis and the Russian Politburo started exactly in the same manner. Their headquarters are heavily guarded fortresses were unelected, non-democratic strategists makes sure that all who are near that fire keep warmest. Tens of thousands of Lobbyists prevent democratic influence or choice. Choice has been taken away from us, the general public, from you and me. Transparency and honesty, integrity and truthfulness have been sacrificed on the altar of greed and power. Their goal is not to serve humanity, no, their goal is to enslave humanity, dehumanizing humanity, making the others, you and me, serfs, a  very dangerous game indeed.
Neoliberalism focusses very much on a ‘free market’ where a so called laissez faire capitalism rules. It is a disguise for neo-feudalism, because only a few control these markets. People have been made into consumers, worker bees, debtors because the financial market only borrows money to whom that are accepted as payers. This automatically creates a large divide between payers and non-payers. But think about the fact that because of the financial system, housing has only become reachable for those who are selected.  A free market does not exist, because free and fair trade is prevented by those who benefit from politicized deals where market rigging and manipulation is being tolerated and encouraged by those few who benefit. Mutually beneficial deals are becoming scarce, when politicians intervene. And do they intervene in all we have, do or want! And you know what happened; the people have requested and allowed an ever growing government, because they are afraid to trust themselves.

If someone making 50000 euro wants to buy a house and his yearly cost of living is about 45000, it will be highly unlikely he or she will ever be able to save up 150000 for a house.
And because of the driven up prices of housing by the very system of debt, he or she would have almost no choice but to borrow 150000 for that house against interest. By the time the mortgage will be paid for after 30 years, that house would have cost a total of 450000, 3 times over.

The power of the creation of money has been given to bankers. These banks are owned by an upper class of people who fly first class, smoke the best cigars, drink the finest cognac and live in heavily guarded palaces, because they too have stolen their wealth from the angry mob outside. Despite their lies, corruption and blackmail practices, they are allowed, no, they are very much supported by our unelected politicians to go on. Countries, governments and politicians have no choice (they say) but to ask for money from these moneylenders. This too is a lie, but fear prevents them to do anything about it. They all freeze or flee into draconian tax measures in the futile hope they can sit out their time in government and end up with a cushy job working for their masters who allowed him or her to become prime minister of president, not more than that.
From the moment the mortgage papers are signed, the client has become a slave.
Slavery is a form of forced separation, severing natural unity from its fundamental origin, which should be social cohesion.
Physicists like John Hagelin, Michio Kaku or Fritjof Capra talk about The Unified Field which can be described as the atomic particles that form the fundamental building blocks of nature of which we are the observer, the actor and are too a part. It shows that we cannot separate ourselves, because even as an observer, we are part of this cosmic stage.
This unity stands at present in sharp contrast with an unnatural separating perception we have accepted as our reality, causing an unbalanced world as we as people made it today.
Segregation, differentiation, separation, individualism, ideology are fear factors. They undermine our evolution and again trap us as we have been trapped again and again into wars, conflict, misery and agony.
The US, China, Europe, Russia and just about any other country on this planet is run like this. So, don’t be surprised if you have become a slave. You and me are slaves. We bow or are made to bow to this human hubris which has taken over and has transformed our human(e) race into a seven headed monster.
Who wants to join me in this struggle for respect, decency, dignity, acceptance, beauty, preservation and ultimately our very survival which can only be achieved by aiming at social cohesion by putting people first as they are the Alpha and Omega? Everything starts and finishes through us, just people, you and me.


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