Lost Liberties won't make us safer

Benjamin Franklin said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." What I see is happening now is that we are giving up our liberty for which we fought 400 years in a day. This is a very perilous situation, because it reeks of fascism without war, but will lead to rebellion because when people lose it all, they'll lose it. #coronalockdown #civilliberties #civildisobedience

Just realise and really look what is happening to us? We can't travel anymore. We can't work in our businesses, restaurants or shops any longer. Entire industries are shutting down, social life is imploding. Panic is a tool used to make us afraid. Fear is a psychological weapon. Is locking down society a solution to solve a virus attack? Will there not be a much larger number of deaths due to armed conflict, PTSD, depression or other mental health issues, flu or alcohol? We have to ask us if fear or the need for safety is worth giving up all our liberties and destroying our livelihoods? This will spin out of control and damage our civilization up to the point that rebellion caused by poverty will cause many more deaths and truly destroy all our liberties at the point of a gun. Rumors of war. The response of our leaders will be more devastating than the cause, but few see it. At which cost is our economy being ruined? Who will pay for that? Not the wealthy, but people like you and me and those already being killed by famine, wars and preventable disease.


  1. Fully agree! But difficult to take the cool aid as a society it seems..


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