Silencing Free Speech. Stifling Julian Assange

Julian Assange access to the internet has been cut off. They dont want to hear what he is saying and certainly dont want the general public to be informed about ulteriorly motivated ends of them. The truth being shared by Wikileaks is not welcome to those whose agenda is secret, because the outcome is not intended to benefit everyone, but only a few. Politicians in cahoots with big business and financial institutions do not want to listen to people like Julian because the information he offers the common public jeopardizes their negatively interdependent goals. The British Government, supported by several European Community members such as The Netherlands, accused the Russian Government of poisoning a retired spy. The lies and coverups are so obvious but they should be understood as abusive arrogance on the side of the governing classes, who know that they can get away with them, because the peoples are unable to unify and move against them. This hubris is therefore destroying every law ever written to protect the innocent against injustice.
L’état loi cest moi, King Louis XIV proclaimed and he ruled as he pleased. We are looking at an elite who believes themselves to be above the law. Aristotle talked about a timocracy and told us that democracy is the third worst form of government. Today we are looking at a new form of governance and that I will call timogarchy.  Countries are not run by people, but by their interests in the markets that make some people richer but at the cost of poverty of many others and the destruction of the environment. It is said that with wealth comes responsibility, but by the way things are going now, this responsibility is changing into escaping liability and that is done by lies and deceit.
These so-called leaders believe that information which is suppressed is gone. But that is a scientifically provable error. Information lives on forever because it forms a amalgamation with energy and matter as soon as it is released by cognition between living systems (people, organisations, animals, etc.). Information actually in forms us and our environment. Therefore denial of or escapism from reality (what is real and out there by and through information) is impossible and leads to uncontrollability of outcome. Information is crucial in order to steer the outcome, but then all information is needed and has to be accepted and used.
It all comes down that control of any system (organisation, government, company, etc) can only be sustained within boundaries of functionality which I have called Realimiteit. With this theory as a mapping tool, we can measure the actions of a system and verify if they operate within these boundaries, by allowing all feedback. The system then becomes a learning system in constant communication with all living systems (people, the planet, universe, all living things).
Julian Assange is being stifled because he understands the above synthesis very well. I hope that he picks up this Realimiteit mapping method as an argument to set him free. All he has to do is keep on writing about reality and its limitations which govern us all and our universe. He can now say with certainty; perhaps you dont like what I am saying, but reality is real; if you dont use the information I share, your system will be unsustainable and dead soon. This is the sound of inevitability.


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