Negative Interdepence versus Positive Interdependence.

Here is a listing of some negative interdependent industries, organisations, corporations, political ideologies. I will also add the non-linear effects (beyond control).
Let me first start by explaining what negative interdependence means and compare it with the opposite which is 'positive interdependence’.

Positive interdependent? All stakeholders will benefit.
Negative interdependent? Only some stakeholders benefit because others (people, society, environment, flora, fauna, etc.) will or cannot.

It becomes quite easy to understand which organisation, services or products are negatively interdependent and which ones are not but luckily the number of sustainable ones is growing fast.

Let's start with the First Cause Principle: the financial industry, which in fact is causing organisations, people, industries, political processes to act with in mind the intention of financial gain. The intention to make money has become prioritised and leads to ignoring information which could jeopardize or contradict it.

Money is created from the issuance of credit by those who benefit from this privilege at the cost of others.
Non linear effect: This leads to the stratification of society and the growing gap between the poor and the rich, which leads directly to conflict.

The fossil fuel industries: Although they benefit human kind by producing products we all have grown accustomed to use, they come at great cost for human and non-human life, the environment and social cohesion.
Non-linear effect: Climate change is a direct consequence of burning fossil fuels. Bloody conflicts are often the result of the pursuit of natural resources.

The GMO industry: Information proving potential harm of such products is suppressed or ignored, whilst only supporting information is promoted.
Non-linear effect: Millions of acres of crop producing land have become contaminated.

The weapons industry: The reason why a man is often afraid is what he knows about himself inside. Globalist and corporatists policies are backfiring. NATO destroyed Libya, therefore a Libyan killed kids during a pop concert.
Non-linear effect: The military industrial complex has become dependent on conflicts and wars, so they employ lobbyists and sponsor politicians to make sure peace is not a priority. 

The Pharma and Health Industry: Despite people live longer assisted by modern medication and surgery, its negative interdependence should be very clear: if all people would be healthy, they’d be out of business.
Non-linear effect: More sickness, means more profit.

The intelligence industry: All over the world, governments are spending billions of dollars for security and intelligence, because of the fear that their insidious agendas could be exposed to the public.
Non-linear effect: If intentions have ulterior motivations, secrecy will be enforced, whilst whistle blowers will be hunted down.

Journalism: Despite the sheer volume of news broadcasting enterprises, truthful news is not easy to find. When a newspaper depends on income earned by advertising, it will not oppose the products or services it advertises from fear of losing customers.
Non-linear effect: This would mean that contradicting or biased news could be suppressed and that fake news could replace true news.

Politics: Corruption, violence, abuse of power, political ideologies are all negatively interdependent, because they depend on others being used for some ulterior purpose. 
Non-linear effects: Hegemonic power grabs, fascism, despotism, corruption, violence, rebellion, etc.

What do these negative interdependencies have in common? The all thrive to suppress information which confirms negative interdependence. This is in my opinion the cause of all global crises. A positive message is that when we finally are willing to accept this, we can commence phasing them out and replacing them with positive interdependent solutions. This would create billions of jobs and save us all from collapse, because that is the road we are on as history confirms.

But not all is doom or gloom. There is also good and sustainable so-called positive interdependence.
Here are a few developments that give hope and promise a bright future to all of us:

Young entrepreneurs are looking to solve the energy, food, drinking water issues and using the latest technologies to replace harmful methods into non harmful one.
The solutions for global food security has been given by proving that localised production would actually feed more people than by global commercialisation of agriculture. This will also lessen the need for polluting transportation and international competition. There are communities that cooperate into becoming self sufficient and self supporting by exchanging ideas, skills and knowledge which enhances mutual benefit. Solar and water power can be used to drive machines and industries if we would just go for it. Resource conflicts can be solved by systems thinking and cybernetics, the science is there for us all to use.
Positive interdependence need common goals as priorities. I simplified them as just three goals:
1.     The preservation of the environment ( life cannot live without interaction with it)
2.     The protection of human and non human life
3.     The building and maintenance of social cohesion

When political and economic choices become dependent on these 3 goals, everything else we do, choose or decide will fall into its proper place automatically. During our journey to replace harmful activities with non harmful, we only have to consider these 3 basic needs and we'll be alright.


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