Functionality of Organizations by allowing ALL information by using Cybernetics

Using Systems Theory or Thinking, we can understand harmful or disturbing processes by asking: Has all information (feedback) been allowed to base decisions on? If a preset goal or purpose doesn’t allow ALL information and therefore only selects information that is suitable, the direct consequence is instability. A next step for an organization that insists the goal justifies the means is enforcement until a regulator intervenes to stop the harmful process. This is unsustainable, opportunistic behaviour. But just look how energy, big pharma, GMO industries, political parties or governments operate? They only use information that amplifies (positive feedback) and do not allow or deny dampening info (negative feedback), hence the status of our world.  
What we can do with this formulae is cooperate with only those organizations who are transparent (allow all feedback) and share goals of sustenance with them. Many products we generally buy will become questionable and we won’t be able to trust political central planning.
The Formulae for Organizational Functionality is:    Life + Information (all) = Sustenance   (please check to download the formulae in Jpeg) 


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