Climate Change Conference- An alternative energy 'Creazene'

The 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris just ended. We have an agreement everyone says. We will finally join hands to save the planet. The agreement is legally binding.
But are other agreements in trade, commerce, economy or the environment that are also bound by law not being ignored or broken by those who benefit from non adherence?

Are energy companies paying their fair share of social costs for exploration, transportation or distribution when they pollute the air, soil or sea? And are bankers paying social costs when they evict people from their homes, when they lose their jobs because of economic cutbacks? And what about massive unemployment? What on earth are we going to do with all these peoples? What do we have to do about millions of refugees that roam the earth without a compass? How are we going to save this earth, this planet, its natural beauty or ourselves as humanity from self destruction?

Immanuel Kant wrote many years ago in 1788, ‘no mode of presenting the law by roundabout ways and indirect recommendations would ever produce morality of character.’ 
The issue at hand is choice: we choose because we want to or we choose because we have to.
Willing to save to world because one chooses to do so because he or she is committed and aware is quite different from saving the planet because one has to face consequences if one doesn’t.

What I want to say is that free will is not the same as being bound by laws or agreements. Safety and security on this planet cannot and should not be forced on people. People are naturally inclined to do so already, but people are tempted by material goods to avoid that natural state of responsibility and therefore will continue to break laws or agreements, no matter how many are written.

As a systems theorist or a systems thinker, I understand that everything is related. When I now fill up my car with gasoline, I understand the entire supply chain for this fuel. I have learned what is needed to find and pump up the crude oil from oil wells, I can understand the flow of that oil from coming from a land or off shore source, through pipelines into shore tanks, into a tanker, into a refinery, into another tanker, into another shore tank, into a tanker truck and discharged into an underground tank of my local gas station and finally in my car.  I am aware of the relationship of this gasoline with the environment, with the people living in oil rich areas, with their vulnerability for conflict, with politics and banks and trading organization and refining and storage facilities and road and vessel safety regulations and personal protective equipment and air quality and flammability and on and on. The list is long, and I haven’t even begun to talk about the experience we all have on the relation of oil and wars, gasoline and arms, pipelines and refugees, death and human suffering. With this simple example I try to show that everything is interrelated in more and more detail.

I do believe however that when everyone would make a personal effort to understand not only relationships, patterns of organization, or interconnectedness, but more importantly our dependence of social, biological, environmental and cognitive global structures, we will finally learn to choose because we ‘want’  to change things around before it is too late.

The Climate agreement does not tell us much yet. We now have to wait for countries, companies and individuals to implement the document and do as they promised to do.
So I thought of the following simplification. Together, as humanity, we can choose quite easily for a responsible mix of energy. I have named it ‘ CREAZENE’, which rhymes on gasoline or kerosene. This mix of energies from fossil fuels, solar, wind, water or soil, will provide our world with a transitional energy that fuels us all until this time of transformation is completed and we have replaced pollutants by non-pollutants or sustainable, healthy forms of energy.
Creazene will be a sustainable energy mix because it can be chosen by us all as the preferred power towards change. The idea is that the ingredients of CREAZENE can only be allowed when they have the least possible impact on our environment: Creazene can become an internationally recognized label of sustainable energy. It can be chosen by us all. It can become the preferred ‘traded’ energy and the idea is to offer it cheaper that other fuels, supported by those who signed the Climate change agreement. (all countries).

Criteria the ingredients for Creazene could be:

·      Are not originated or exported from conflict zones
·      Are not originating from totalitarian regimes or families
·      Are from responsible suppliers, not subsidized by governments
·      Are not won through (potential) pollution (tar sands, off spec effluent discharge, coal fired or oil wells that are only productive through water injection.
·      Oil or gas that is not won by hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
·      Gas quality not emitting damaging methane release
·      No polluting or carcinogenic chemicals that are used as fuel additives (Formaldehyde, hydrate, phenol, benzene, etc.)
·      No bio fuels that would jeopardize food security or the rain forests
·      Products that are packed in plastic or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) as they create enormous quantities of PET bottles, ending up in Oceans
·      Stop using water injections crude exploration as it causes contaminated effluent streams often being pumped into open water

A very important films was made by Fritjof and Bernt Capra in 1991 called ‘MindWalk’ 
Please watch it, it will change your outlook on reality:


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