The Future of Leadership - Free Will

What we see now happening in a world that is being destroyed by people who are driven by non human values, is caused, not by genetics, not by pre-determined characters, not by religious or political ideology, but by choice and the free will.

What is that Free Will? This is discussed by many philosophers and modern theoretical physicists who call it consciousness. Free will is choice. Choosing to destroy other people or our planet is driven by human choices based on pursuit of some kind of personal interest. If many people make the same choice or allow destructive choices being made, a negative momentum is created. Intentions can be wealth, possessions, a heaven on earth or utopic state, economic growth. They can be perhaps caused by personal disorders such as narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy or a violent temper.
A good question is: are these so-called character flaws or psychiatrically determined disorders genetically inherited or learned? The answer can be found in a rhetorical question: would a psychopath, a narcissist or a sociopath remain psychopathic, narcissistic or sociopathic when stranded on a deserted island and having to survive on his or her own? You will know the answer.

Alan Watts, the famous philosopher said that because we are driven to constantly wanting to change or reshape our world, we form ideologies and commence to follow those, despite the fact that life, human and non human, will be hurt or even be destructed along the way. We say; 'oh, but that is the price to pay. We accept casualties.' But which leader can accept collateral damage and chooses who to sacrifice? And why would an aware and conscious person accept to be chosen?

Our world is already in a perfect balance if we just learn to leave it alone. Of course we can use its resources to make our lives more comfortable and survive, but any road to an idea is a very dangerous path to go. Pushing an idea into a desired reality is very dangerous and was and is still daily being proven to be deadly for millions.

We now observe that political Europe and the US are turned against Russia, using sanctions to fulfill their ideological aim, cause others (Ukrainian people, farmers in Holland or France, manufacturers of goods or shipping companies who see their container volumes reduce, the environment and animal life) great harm, even death. We observe that religious factions are destroying life to form a heaven on earth, but any creation built on blood cannot last, history shows that.

This is not because one has to do this, but because one WANTS to do this by his free will and free choice. People involved in decision making processes, our so-called leaders, but also all the followers who according to Hannah Arendt 'just do their jobs' , are acting ideologically because they choose to go along with intending to shape the outside world into what they believe it should be. This is evil in its basic form.

THE principal historical misunderstanding is that a leader or a leadership in politics, economics or religion, believes he or she can change the world they themselves are a part of.  This is scientifically proven not to be true, because consequences of such actions change them too and will for example haunt them into vulnerability. Intended permanent change according to ideology is merely temporary.

Leaders and common people alike are not standing outside of the problem, nor they are outside of a solution. We cannot enforce change from a position around the circle of this planet, we are that planet and have to start looking from its centre position around us, but this requires a change of thought which seems that can only be taught to a new generation, because too many grown-up and conditioned people think and accept they are set in their ways by genetic pre-determination. This is FALSE and never have been scientifically or empirically proven. We learn and are formed into ourselves and develop our behavior during life. So we can un-learn our character flaws too.

Quantum physics & philosophy teaches us that we are all part of the same energy and built out of the same elements such as water and calcium, and that the Theory of Everything applies to all, including you and me. Ethics and morality would have to be the basis and the intention of any action to prevent death of human and non human life. Since man began to think and act, philosophy and physics, which I consider to be ONE science and knowledge, can be accepted as the binding basis for future leadership' decisions with just one goal; saving human life and non human life which leads to the ultimate goal of everyone: to live a happy life.....     Arend


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