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Fracking - The risks and social & environmental costs

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Safety of Ethics

This master of business ethics research and conclusions are valuable to the global energy sector and local or global communities. It addresses human factors, characters and motivation, analysed by genetics, epi-genetics, noetic science, neuro science in combination with human reasoning and consciousness and man's limitless creativity. Human choices and human actions decide if the energy sector adheres to HSE and CSR requirements and needs before laws of physics prevents man to continue.
Human intentions are crucial to decision making processes and their outcome. Ethics can be used as a science, next to physics, chemistry or biology. Deterministic and empirical proof no longer suffices to find truly sustainable solutions on global energy issues. We can choose to solve these issues by allowing philosophy to again be a part of the basis for decisions that have global impact on Health, Safety and the Environment, and therefore ourselves.
The thesis addresses just that. It provides 3 …

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