Information Deficit ≙ Entropy; Apartheid is back.


I posted a video on Youtube this morning explaining a quote from physicist Josef Gassner "information deficit ≙ entropy".  It means that a shortage of information by definition equals disorder in living systems. It confirms my own research and my symbolic equations for order and disorder.  The potential applications are limitless. We can use it to bring all man-made systems, such as organisations, governments, industries and society, back in line with the natural laws of physics. Important is the P for perception. Incorrect perception is what keeps us in entropy, but I have made it easy for you. All we have to do is use all the information and stop ignoring it. It is this lack of information that causes apartheid (a form of entropy and disorder), but also all the other threats to human and non-human life, social cohesion and the environment. Dehumanisation can be stopped by information. This is actually quite logical and, if we listen to our conscience, we know this already. And yet we keep trying to ignore information and reality, while Realimiteit will never allow it. So the goals we think we can achieve without admitting all the information are not and never will be achievable. So what one does when one starts to understand that a goal cannot be reached is to start abusing power to achieve the goals by enforcement. This is then at the expense of something else; life, social cohesion or the environment. I have been talking about this for a number of years, but it does not fit in with the goals of politics  because its goal is power. It means that when it looks like a goal is unattainable, they will use brute force to achieve it anyway. This is why, since the beginning of our so-called civilisation, no real justice was or is possible. Because of the perception problem, we continue to hold that man is above nature and can therefore exploit her like a slave. But there is hope. These equations for creating order are of value. Their application potential are many; Health and Safety. Risk Management. Design of Sustainable Business and Governance Systems (Government). Financial Stability. Ecologic Balance. No Poverty. Food and Water Guarantees. Cyber Risk. Ending of Wars and Conflict. Every man made system that currently is harmful can become beneficial. All you have to do is add information. I cannot make it any simpler. Nature seems and is complex, but is also very simple. All we have to do is to imitate it.  Let us begin together to use this law of nature to protect our human dignity and happiness. 


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