Ethics has left the building ; It's now or never...

People are posting articles on Linkedin or Medium, not just about the risks and dangers of the Corona Virus, but also about the advantages such as less CO2 emissions, cleaner streets and cities where the air has become breathable again, dolphins in Venice, etc. Philosophers, businessmen, politicians, professors of ethics and others are writing about an enormous opportunity, a window which opened towards a new and sustainable future for human and non human life. When we look around we see less airplanes in the skies polluting the atmosphere, we observe genuine brotherhood in Italy and Spain where people are confined to their homes. No more traffic jams, no more angry people during rush hour, no full trains. Corona did us favor, but also is taking life. This confrontation with death brought us together, because the virus does not make a distinction between rich or poor. It can kill anyone. We could dispute the draconian measures taken by our political leaders and judge them, but that I will leave up to you when such matters are discussed on the various social media platforms. What I was thinking about is the time after this chaos, when order is restored and life and business is continued as usual. By that time our governments will be even more indebted to central banks than they already are. And who will be left footing that bill? You guessed right: you and me. The money that we will be handed is not given for free. Someone up there will be asking for it to be repaid with interest. This will happen if the Corona situation will pass without a paradigm shift and things continue as they were before the bat in Wuhan flapped its wings and released the virus. Or did that virus jump from a petri-dish in Wuhan's Chemical Weapons Lab?  The opportunity to fundamentally change the principle cause of that bat ending up at a Chinese wet market, must be grabbed by all our hands. In an earlier blog I mentioned that poverty drives ordinary people to do desperate things. This includes the trade of strange animals for their meat. Poverty drives the majority of our global population to disturb the ecological balance which would prevent such outbreaks. So a logical question would be; how is poverty caused? Well, because a very small number of people obtained the financial, corporate and political power which causes it. This negative interdependent power which serves a few, but at the cost of life, the environment and social cohesion, is the destabilizing factor which meanwhile seriously threatens human survival. It feeds on separation of nations, armed conflicts, wars, trade wars and competition, which is driven by avarice, worse than greed. Ethics has left the building. We can see that morality came back because an existential threat like this virus woke us all up. Suddenly we are all facing our mortality and this virus does not choose between rich or poor. Our governments are now trying to close everything down, even our borders as if nationalism is an answer. They say we can't touch each other anymore and order us towards social distancing, which has become a new Google definition. This does exactly the opposite to us in the long term; it causes distrust, and when we don't or can't trust our fellow man, dystopia commences.
So I agree with many bloggers on Linkedin that we need to think about Elvis, eh, Ethics because without doing what we ought to do or without doing the right thing from now on, more, deadlier disturbances will be used by nature. But for now it is not blindness, but the refusal to see. So, it's now or never. We do have the experience, the knowledge, the sciences and this, recent, invaluable sense of union and dependence. Let's not throw that away for a few dollars or euro's? Let's work together to save us, our children, grand children and all the coming generations while we still have a chance. This means; NOW!


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