Information = Energy and can't be escaped

Energy and information obey the same laws of physics like everything else. Information is the energy to create order and structure, not only in the cosmos, but in organisations, business, politics, body and mind. Therefore, our training programs are based on information theory and cybernetics, because without using all relevant feedback a system is not able to learn and can’t be adapting in real time. This is a major breakthrough and is used by us as a non linear Risk Management tool of Complex Systems. The erasure, denial, ignoring of information increases disorder (entropy). Information reduces uncertainty.

Just look at our world today and you understand why it is in chaos. Governments are trying to escape this scientific reality and by doing so they have to suppress any information which contradicts their plans and goals. This has grave repercussions, because to continue ignoring the voice (information) of the people or the reality of environmental destruction, will jeopardize everything. Fascism is therefore an inescapable outcome, because anything that interrupts our leader's goals, will have to be punished. Violence will inevitably remain their only answer until the oppressed people revolt through counter violence.


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