Natural conditions and boundaries that sustain life

To understand life is to understand that natural conditions flourish within life sustaining boundaries. A cell can develop into an organism only because the conditions for it to live are undisturbed and available.
If therefore such conditions are not available or are disturbed, life of an organism becomes questionable if not impossible.
Now, fast forward this idea to ways we perform politics or conduct our business. Same applies; if the conditions for the sustenance of a business or political process are endangered, this business or political process cannot survive. For life and therefore for business or politics, the same natural boundaries of functionality are needed for them to be sustainable. So when a business or political process tries to operate beyond natural conditions and boundaries they become harmful and unsustainable unless their goals or policies are enforced upon us and our world. But from enforcement comes conflict, from conflict comes rebellion, from rebellion comes blood and tears. And that is what is happening.
n       Nature does not apply force, man does. Natural laws work with maximum efficiency, the principle of maximum grace, use minimal energy, follow a multiplicity in unity and evolve into qualitative novelties called emergence with a maximum coherence to the whole. If from now on we would copy nature, follow this natural legislation, big steps could be made changing our ways and save us from ourselves. I am asking you to look into the way your business or political party operates. Ask yourself these 2 simple questions: Is my business or is my political agenda dependent on operating within or beyond natural boundaries that sustain life? Are they disturbing natural laws?


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